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Worried About Your Hair?

Hair is one of your most notable features and is basically irreplaceable. But keeping your hair beautiful and shiny, or even simply keeping your hair, needs a lot of attention and care.

For women the excessive usage of hair care products or chemicals (for example, hair dyes) can result in hair thinning and hair loss. The average amount of hair someone loses every day varies between 50-70, and this is normal since they grow back, but if you notice that it’s more, then you have to start worrying about it and in some cases turn to a doctor.

Usually you can avoid hair loss if you treat your hair the right way.

Use products of only high quality for your hair care. This doesn’t mean that they have to cost much. If you want your hair to shine, then go for Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream. Also consider Kerastase Masquintense Hair Mask if you have dry hair and Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil to fix your dried out hair and make it soft and bouncy.

Worried About Your Hair?If you, however, don’t know which one to choose, you can ask a dermatologist. Check if there are no damaging ingredients in the products. For example, some shampoos are made with silicon, which makes the hair look thicker, but in reality blocks them from “breathing” and can cause hair loss. Try to use these products as seldom as possible.

Don’t overdry your hair with the hairdryer. This causes thinning, splitting and falling hair.

Don’t brush your hair when wet or after a styling gel has been applied. This breaks the hair and accelerates hair loss.

Eat proper nutrition. Hair loss can be due to a lack of vitamins (Vitamin C), so if you don’t know how to balance the food, turn to a dietitian.

Hair can start falling out at any age. Usually among teenagers it is not permanent and hair grows back quickly. In general, there are many reasons why one can lose hair, including stress, sickness, pregnancy, menopause, hereditary causes and an excess of testosterone (in the case of men). Some of them are incurable, but there are medical treatments that can help some people in serious cases.

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