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Do Sports And Look Stunning

The concept that when doing sports a woman can look anyway she likes is often false. It works only when she goes out jogging at five o’clock in the morning when there’s no one else around.

But this is a situation that hardly ever happens, and mostly we women do sports in such places where there are people around. And, of course, you would never let others see you untidy even when doing sports. The most common case is the gym: working out, sweating, making enormous efforts to keep yourself fit, and in this very uncomfortable situation you have to keep looking good — of course, with so many handsome men around…

So be careful of some details before you hit the gym:

1. Face. Makeup is not the best thing to wear when working out, and we all know that. But what do you do if early in the morning you unfortunately happen to have dark circles under your eyes?  Use a concealer of a lighter shade than your skin. Apply it on the skin around the eyes and lightly tap it until no lines and stains of it are seen. If the result is not sufficient, apply a second layer.

Do Sports And Look StunningA perfect decision is the Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline. You can apply it either on the concealer or right on the skin (if you don’t suffer from dark circles around the eyes). Its powder-like texture stays flawless on the skin and is not damaged when sweating.

You don’t need to use any color on your face, especially any kinds of eye pencils–they run. Rouge is not necessary as well, as the natural blush on your face will be guaranteed. Lips have to be moisturized as they get dry too quickly. So the two things you have to take with you to the gym are hydrating lipstick and powder to refresh your skin.

2. Hair. A pony tail is always the best option, but this is a hairstyle which is hard to suit, so an alternative to it can be hair pinned up on the back. Though somehow formal, this hairstyle allows you to style your hair according to your face. If it’s a round one, you will be able to make it seem longer by pushing up the upper part of your hair.

3. Skin. Applying any types of skin lotions or creams to your body before doing sports is not the best idea. The most effective feature of working out is sweating. Creams and other cosmetics may close your pores and prevent sweating. Also, creams usually have different scents, which may turn unpleasant combined with sweat. In case you do sports in the sun, anti-tan lotion is of course compulsory.

Talking about your body — the gym is a great place to show it off, so don’t be shy to wear tight and revealing sportswear. But remember that you have to feel comfortable, and first of all concentrate on the exercises and not on your looks.

After taking these hints, the next time you go to the gym, you will have a couple more volunteers among the men ready to help you with the workout…

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