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The Secret Of Healthy Eyelashes

Many cosmetic companies insist that you can have beautiful eyelashes only by applying mascara made by certain makeup brands.

The upper eyelid has from 90 to 160 hairs with a length of 8mm to maximum 12mm. The lower eyelid has from 75 to 85 hairs from 4mm to 8mm in length. As you know, eyelashes constantly fall, and new lashes grow in their place. In most cases this process goes unnoticed.

The Secret Of Healthy EyelashesHowever, the growth of lashes can become slow (it mainly happens due to low-quality makeup products, improper make up removal, stress or neurosis). The loss becomes noticeable, and eyelashes look lifeless.

If your eyelashes grow slowly (or you simply want to have beautiful and healthy eyelashes), use the following techniques. They don’t require any extraordinary conditions and won’t take too much time, hence they can be easily done at home.

  • Make a hydrating mask based on vegetable oil and fat-soluble vitamins. Use pure castor oil, almond oil, olive oil or fish oil (the latter is rich in vitamin A — the main component that strengthens our eyelashes). You can buy them in any pharmacy. They are not expensive and are always available.

Keep the oil in a bottle of mascara, which must be absolutely clean and dry. Use the firming oil every day. Apply it with a brush on dry lashes — start from the base and move towards the ends, just like you apply the mascara.

Continue this procedure for a month, if necessary — repeat it several times a year.

  • For a more effective result, you can slightly massage your lashes with a blend of vegetable oil, chopped parsley and aloe juice.
  • You can also apply cool compresses with healing herbs (extracts of cornflower, chamomile flowers or black tea) and keep them for 15-20 minutes.

Make sure your mascara is of high quality and is certified. Don’t use the same mascara for a long time. If you apply mascara every day, change it every three months. If you use it from time to time, you can keep it for six months.

By the way, if you read in another beauty blog that eyelashes are bound to get longer, don’t believe it. Unfortunately, that is impossible. The length and color of eyelashes is genetic and doesn’t change.

Use the techniques above and within a short period you will get compliments about your beautiful and healthy eyelashes.

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