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Ready, Steady, Look Great and Go!

Ready, Steady, Look Great and Go!Going to class, work or taking the kids to school – do we always have time to stand in front of the mirror for hours to apply make up? Of course not, but you can look great if you take the time each day to take care of your skin. So, know about how to Ready, Steady, Look Great and Go with fully satisfaction!

So here are some tips that can help you always stay beautiful, even when you’re in a rush:

  1. Before going to bed, apply a hydrating face care cream, it will make your skin look fresh and bright in the morning.
  2. When you’re in a hurry, let your hair hang over your face, make it slightly wet and dry it with a hairdryer, brushing it to the front. Your hair will look just washed and will recover some of its volume.
  3. Use All in One Make-up, which is created especially for fast application.
  4. Find a cream or gel that will reduce the bags under your eyes. Apply it  first thing  in the morning, as it needs a couple of minutes to take effect.
  5. If your skin is in good condition, the only thing you will have to do is apply some concealer under the eyes.
  6. A little bit of mascara is enough for eye make-up – but not too much as it may create a doll-eye effect, which is not the best thing for your morning look.
  7. Your lips have to be hydrated as well, so lip balm is the best. If you’re going to work, red lipstick will only do you good. A clean, beautiful face will be accentuated with the bright lipstick.
  8. Apply a drop of perfume – and you’re ready to go!

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