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Henna Tatoos Are In; Cool Tattoo Designs

If you want to get a tattoo, but don’t want to commit to a permanent one, henna tattoos (also known as temporary tattoos) are just what you need.

Henna Tatoos Are In; Cool Tattoo DesignsWomen in ancient Egypt were the first to use henna tattoos. They spent a lot of time on decorating their bodies with ornamentations, which were not only beautiful, but also served as amulets and protected people from evil.

However, nowadays fake tattoos that look real have a lot of privileges: they don’t cause any harm and are absolutely painless. These tattoos are temporal (they stay from two to four weeks). Hence, henna tattoo designs can change according to your mood. They are not as expensive as permanent tattoos. And besides, henna tattoos are an excellent way of deciding whether you want a permanent tattoo. They will help you realize whether the tattoo fits you or not.

Before applying henna the skin should be cleaned well. The tattoo gets dry in half an hour. You should try to avoid getting the tattooed area wet for a day.

If you don’t like the temporary tattoo designs and want to get rid of it — apply 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and wipe the tattooed area with a cotton pad.

Note that some people can be allergic to henna, therefore you should first apply it on a small area of your body. Apply henna on the same area not more than once in two months.

Henna tattoo designs can vary from animals to zodiac signs. By the way, Arabic women give preference to female tattoo designs with zodiac signs, bracelets around ankles, necklaces and floral designs, as their religion forbids tattoos with images of people and animals.

Henna tattoo painters can be found not only in cosmetic salons, but also on tourist beaches or in some city parks.

So choose one of the cool tattoo designs and feel sure that henna tattoos will only stress your beautiful body and your character.

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