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From Dry Lips To Kissable

Even if you spend hours in front of a mirror, trying to keep up with the  latest fashion trends in lipstick, your lips won’t look kissable if they’re dry and chapped.

From Dry Lips To KissableThere are many things that can cause dry skin on your lips and around them, like allergies to cosmetics, smoking, avoiding healthy food and simple things like wetting your lips all the time.

But if you’re lips are already chapped, there’s no time to think what caused it, you should start working on them right now. Here are several ways you can cure your dry lips and make them follow the timeless trend in fashion: to be soft, smooth and kissable.

  • The first and the easiest way is drinking lots of water. This will keep your lips, together with your skin, hydrated.
  • Whenever you go out, protect your lips from the sun. Other parts of your body produce oils that keep the skin humid, but, unfortunately, lips don’t have that luxury. They need to be cared for “manually.” Put on SPF protection for lips. If you’re wearing lipstick, put on a moisturizing lip balm just under the lipstick. This way your lips will have a chance to breath and will stay soft.
  • Get used to healthy food recipes. Eat more dairy foods and vegetables. They’ll work not only for your lips, but your whole body as well.
  • You can also apply cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, or petroleum jelly, which is great for your hands as well. Also, apply one of these options before going to bed so they have time to work on your lips while you’re asleep. This seems like another easy method that doesn’t require lots of time or effort.

This were the easiest and the quickest methods to keep your lips looking sexy. If you want to take care of them like a queen would — in a luxurious, relaxing way — read my next post.

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