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Eyelash Perms: Safe And Effective

Most of us have a feeling of admiration when we look at a beauty magazineand see a woman with curly, luxurious lashes. Unfortunately such lashes are given to very few of us.

Eyelash Perms: Safe And EffectiveYou can have curly lashes with a special mascara, but it’s temporary and you’ll have to start everything again the next morning. Besides, mascara can run in the rain.

If you really want to have curly lashes for a rather long time, go for eyelash perming, which is widely used by women and is among the latest fashion trends.

All you’ll need is a trustee beauty salon that has a special chemical solution and tiny hair curlers.

The procedure lasts about 40-50 minutes and is completely painless. Eyelash chemical curling is done with hair curlers. Each lash is wrapped around the curler. The curler is a flexible roller and its thickness depends on the length of the eyelashes and the desired effect. Thick rollers are suitable for long eyelashes, and thin rollers curl even very short lashes. After some time a fixing cream is applied on the lashes, and only then are the curlers removed. You shouldn’t wash your eyelashes for a couple of days.

Eyelash perms give your lashes the desired shape and last more than two months. As the lashes completely renew every 90 days, you can repeat the procedure once every three months.

Be attentive — a skilled cosmetician must by all means test your allergic reaction. That’s why many cosmetic companies don’t sell the components of lash perms to everyone.

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