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Enhancing Your Eye Beauty: Narrow Eyes Effect

As I was writing in my previous post, makeup tips help to make your eye beauty flawless. Big or narrow eyes are considered the sexiest. Maybe you’re already satisfied with your eye beauty, but why not take that beauty to the next level?

Enhancing Your Eye Beauty: Narrow Eyes Effect

Enhancing Your Eye Beauty: Narrow Eyes EffectNarrow eyes are very seductive and flirty. They can hypnotize your “target” and make him stare without being able to blink.

But if you want to stress your eyes and have everyone paying attention to them first, you have to work on your look and makeup.

So if you want that sexy look, here are severalbeauty make up tips you can make use of.

Apply black eyeliner. Don’t use any other color, only black. Meanwhile, lengthen the lines and have them coming out a little from the outer corner of the eyelid.

Use dark or warm colors. Forget about the sparkles and shimmer. Get dark eyeshadow colors, or if you think light colors suit you better, make sure they are warm colors. Smoky eyes can look very sharp and make your eyes seem narrower.

When you apply the mascara, make sure you move the brush towards the outer corner of the eyelid. This way your eyelashes will be thick and long, they will open the view but not completely. This technique is used by a lot of makeup artists and is one of the secrets of the captivating eyes you often see in magazines.

There is also another trick. Forget about the eyeliner and go for eyeshadow of warm colors.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want bigger or narrower eyes. Try different eye makeup tips, experiment before going out, take photos of your eyes, ask your friends and then choose the look that suits you best.

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